Kit Harington Says Goodbye Game Of Thrones, Hello Lunor

May 24th, 2017


Kit Harington says goodbye Game of Thrones, hello Lunor.  Mr. Harington has enjoyed much fame derived from his role as protagonist Jon Snow on this amazing series.  When he’s not battling white walkers he likes to relax in a sensible pair of retro eyeglasses.  The pair he currently wears bares a uncanny resemblance to the Lunor 226.  Though we haven’t had a chance to ask Kit Harington where he gets his eyewear, we can tell you where to get a similar pair.  The Lunor 226 is available at Blink Optical in a variety of colors.  We can’t make you as famous as Jon Snow or Kit Harington but we can fit you in a sleek pair of Lunor 226 frames.  Stop by or call us for details.

ic! Berlin Offers Utopia For The Summer

May 22nd, 2017


ic! Berlin offers Utopia for the Summer.  Look at these delicious new sunglasses from ic! Berlin.  They have combined stainless steel, 3D printing, and a mirror coating to create something truly unique.  A sunglass with depth is something to behold but the ic! Berlin Utopia has texture! Literally.  The Utopia also comes in a plethora of interesting colors.  Black for those diehard classics while ic! Berlin offers more unique colors, as well.  Now you don’t have to choose between comfort and style, ic! Berlin has combined both.  The stainless steel material insures that your frame will be lightweight and durable while the unique shapes and colors offer a sleek design.  Check out the ic! Berlin Utopia at Blink Optical.  Blink Optical has a vast selection of new ic! Berlin sunglasses. Free shipping on all ic! Berlin.

Is That Cristiano Ronaldo?

May 17th, 2017


Is that Cristiano Ronaldo?  Not the flashy usual look we’ve become accustomed to.  In fact, where are his Chrome Heart sunglasses?  Looks like Cristiano Ronaldo has opted for an understated, preppy look.  He’s ditched the tight t-shirt for an oversized turtleneck, as well.  Not to worry!  He’s just exchanged his look for something a bit more subdued.  Round sunglasses with a matte finish are very in right now.  If you don’t believe me, check out the picture above.  Cristiano Ronaldo is almost as famous for his fashion as he is for is soccer abilities.  Want this new Cristiano look?  Check out Robert Marc.  Robert Marc sunglasses are the epitome of classic, preppy style.  Now, we at Blink Optical don’t think Cristiano Ronaldo has sworn off flashy Chrome Hearts sunglasses. It’s nice to see him branch out into something different yet fashionable.  Check out our selection of Robert Marc and Chrome Hearts at our Lake Forest boutique.

Chance The Acid Rapper Needs Sunglasses

May 12th, 2017


Chance The Acid Rapper needs sunglasses. We never see him photographed in shades.  It looks like he’s in the market so we’d like to offer our services.  Blink Optical is a full-service optical boutique with all the high-end names.  Chance The Acid Rapper is a Chicago rapper with a big heart who continues to give back to his community.  We invite Chance to stop by next time he is in Lake Forest and view our selection of exclusive sunwear.  Blink Optical supports local hero’s and Chance The Acid Rapper recently donated a large sum of his own money to the Chicago school system.  He also encouraged others to do the same.  Way to go Chance The Acid Rapper!

P. Diddy Remains The Richest In Matte Sunglasses

May 10th, 2017

P. Diddy remains the richest in matte sunglasses.  Just in case you were worried that he had slipped into utter poverty, not to frett, P. Diddy remains the richest in the music business.  All those pictures of him in the club making it rain are no joke, this man has the money to backup the rap lyrics.  P. Diddy also has the great sunglasses to make the entrance into the club.  In this picture, he has chosen a pair of matte black round sunglasses with a solid grey tint.  Several manufacturers produce similar frames to the ones worn by P. Diddy such as Chrome Hearts and Robert Marc.  Want the P. Diddy look without the hip-hop dynasty?  Stop by Blink Optical for all your matte sunwear needs.

Face a Face Gets Retro With The Alium Ray Sunglass

May 8th, 2017


Face a Face gets retro with the Alium Ray sunglass.  Want that nostalgic look without traveling back in time?  Check out the Face a Face Alium Ray sunglass.  It has a sleek contemporary design with a retro style.  The Face a Face Alium Ray is comprised of high-quality zyl and lightweight aluminum, in part giving the name Alium Ray, part of the Alium Face a Face collection.  This particular Alium Ray has a honey tortoise frame and a G-15 sun lens.  The frame alos has the recognizable “key-hole” bridge adding to it’s retro look.  The Face a Face Alium has an internal spring hinge for added comfort.  Stop by Blink Optical to view the Face a Face Alium Ray as we are an authorized Face a Face dealer.  Just in time for Mother’s Day!

Miley Cyrus Gets Sober and Classic

May 4th, 2017


Miley Cyrus gets sober and classic.  Looks like the world’s party girl has gone clean.  The media watched Miley Cyrus fall from Disney girl to club mess pretty quickly.  Now she’s going clean and releasing a new album closer to her country music roots.  With her new found sobriety, Miley Cyrus has also embraced a new style.  She’s dropped the cartoonish club scene style and taken up a cleaner (no pun intended) and classic style.  She was recently spotted in a simple top-knot and round retro sunglasses.  Much more subdued than any Miley Cyrus antics we’ve seen in some time.  The pair of choice is a Ray-Ban but round is hot in most sunwear collections.  Want to steal this look without all the questionable history?  Check out Blink Optical’s selection of round eyewear either online or in our Lake Forest boutique.


The Weeknd Shows Us What To Wear To Coachella 2017

May 1st, 2017


The Weeknd shows us what to wear to Coachella 2017.  Unless you live under a rock or on the moon, you are aware of the annual music festival called Coachella.  It really isn’t as much of a music festival as it is a celebrity meet and greet.  Not that you’ll meet or greet any celebs at this fest but you’ll definitely see a lot.  You will observe them doing what the famous do best……being fashionable.  The year’s Coachella did not disappoint.  For example, The Weeknd showed us that sunlenses don’t have to be dark to look fabulous.  The Weeknd paired a pair of retro-round sunglasses with yellow fashion lenses.  He also had an incredible amount of patches on his jean jacket.  We have to assume this is fashion as The Weeknd is a very fashionable guy.  Want the yellow lenses look?  It’s easy.  Stop by Blink Optical and choose a frame and ask for The Weeknd and we’ve got you covered.

J-Lo And A-Rod….J-Rod And Great Sunglasses

April 28th, 2017

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez take a spring weather stroll with J-lo’s mother Guadalupe Rodríguez in New York City

J-Lo and A-Rod….and great sunglasses.  The media loves attractive people and it’s even better when attractive people get together and have a catchy couple name like J-Rod.  Here at Blink, we’re more excited about their sunglass selection.  Let’s face it, J-Rod is destined to have amazing style and their sunglasses are not excluded.  Jennifer Lopez chose a flashy pair of over-sized metal aviators while Alex donned a more subdued pair of retro, zyl shades.  Looks like J-Rod may have opposing styles but both look great!  If you’re looking for the Jennifer Lopez look check out Blink Optical’s selection of ic! Berlin sunglasses.  If you are more interested in the Alex Rodriguez look check out Blink’s Morgenthal Frederic selection or our Lunor selection.  Congrats to J-Rod for all the fame, money, and style two people could ever need.

Who Wants New Face a Face Sunglasses This Spring?

April 24th, 2017

faf.state1.2045 (1 of 1)

Who wants a new Face a Face sunglasses this Spring?  We do!  Fresh from the New York show, Blink Optical has all the new Face a Face sunglasses, including the Face a Face State.  The Face a Face State has a wearable shape but is anything but boring.  This combination frame has a two-tone zyl front and metal temples.  Face a Face sunglasses feature amazing lenses and the State is no exception with chocolate brown gradient lenses.  Blink Optical is very excited about all our new featured Face a Face sunglasses.  Stop by our Lake Forest boutique or shop online at  Either way, get your Face a Face sunglasses soon!