ic! Berlin Goes Uptown

July 26th, 2017

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ic! Berlin goes Uptown with the new release aptly named Uptown.  The Uptown is a combination frame utilizing both a textured composite material and stainless steel.  This new frame from ic! Berlin epitomizes the classic retro look.  The market in insatiable when it comes to geek-chic eyewear.  Blink Optical is excited to add the ic! Berlin Uptown to our current new release selection.  ic! Berlin is well-known for it comfort and durability.  This manufacturer is also up on all the current stye trends.  Stop by to shop or buy online at blinkoptic.com.  Blink Optical is an authorized ic! Berlin dealer and offers free shipping on all ic! Berlin products.


Lester Holt Wears Robert Marc Eyeglasses

July 21st, 2017


Lester Holt wears Robert Marc eyeglasses.  Look who’s hit the style mark again!  First, Lester Holt hits eyewear fashion gold with Lunor.  Now, he’s switched it up with a Robert Marc frame.  I guess being a famous television personality has it’s perks.  Robert Marc is of a similar style of Lunor.  It maintains a classic look with a contemporary edge.  Even better, Blink Optical is an authorized dealer for both Robert Marc and Lunor.  You don’t have to choose between which Lester Holt look you prefer…you can have both!!  Stop by Blink Optical to view our selection of both manufacturers or call us and request a “Lester Holt” frame of your very own.

Joe Maddon Of The Cubs Wears Blue Mirrored Sunglasses

July 17th, 2017


Joe Maddon of the Cubs wears blue mirrored sunglasses.  The man’s multi-talented as he superbly manages the Cubs and has great taste in sunglasses.  Joe Maddon was recently spotted wearing a pair of frosted crystal sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses.  Blue seems to be the color of the season whether you are a Cubs fan or not.  We’ve seen a large increase of blue frames and the blue mirror is becoming more prevalent as a lens treatment.  Blink Optical offers clear frames by multiple manufacturers like Robert Marc and ic! Berlin.  We can also provide a blue tint to just about any pair you’d like.  Stop in to discuss your lens options at Blink Optical.  We can’t make you into a winning baseball manager like Joe Madden but we can get you a pair of blue mirrored lenses.


Maury Povich Wears Lunor 232

July 10th, 2017


Maury Povich wears Lunor 232.  Not only does is he the king of unwanted paternity tests, Maury is now a trendsetter in eyeglasses.  The Maury Povich Show is known for it’s outlandish guests and drama-filled interpersonal shenanigans.  Lucky he’s chosen to class up the show with the Lunor 232.  The Lunor 232 is part of the Lunor A5 collection.  Lunor is a German brand that is becoming highly sought after in the U.S.  Blink Optical is an authentic and authorized Lunor dealer.  We stock the acetate, rimless, and combination collections, including the very popular Lunor A5 232.  Even is you cant’s get through an episode of his show, you have to admit that Maury has classy taste in eyeglasses.  Check out the Lunor A5 232 at Blink Optical.


We’ve Found Utopia With ic! Berlin

July 5th, 2017


We’ve found Utopia with ic! Berlin.  Finally!  ic! Berlin has outdone themselves with this futuristic looking sunglass frame.  The ic! Berlin Utopia is comprised of stainless steel and a composite generated by 3D printing.  If that’s not enough, ic! Berlin has paired this look with a new lens shape, and flash mirror over a gradient tint, and a textured frame front.  Yes….I said a textured frame front.  The ic! Berlin Utopia has all the needed aspirations to be one of this Summer’s sunglass must-haves.  Stop by Blink Optical this season and check out all the latest in new sunglass styles, including the ic! Berlin Utopia.


Orlando Bloom Wears Mykita MMESSE002

July 1st, 2017


Orlando Bloom wears Mykita MMESSE002 sunglasses.  Looks like everyone is on board with Mykita.  There’s never a shortage of celebrities being spotted sporting this growing brand.  Want to become coveted by the masses?  Get worn by the Hollywood elite.  Orlando Bloom is the latest famous face to wear Mykita with the easy-to-wear Mykita MMESSE002.  It’s a slim, round sunglass shown in shiny gold with mirrored gold lenses.  Want to steal this look but you’re not Orlando Bloom.  Check out the selection of Mykita sunglasses at Blink Optical.  Blink Optical is an authorized Mykita dealer and carries all the latest in Mykita sunglasses, including the MMESSE002.  You can’t be famous but you can still look good!

Stay Sharp With The Face a Face Senso 3

June 26th, 2017

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Stay sharp with the Face a Face Senso 3.  Literally.  The Face a Face Senso 3 is a new unique shape from the French designer and looks like something from the future.  The Face a Face Senso 3 has a wide and funky frame front with a sharp and curved look.  The temples are a sleek departure that end with the signature Face a Face temple tip “shoe”.  The Senso 3 shown above has a clear blue front and a multi-colored temple.  This frame just arrived but won’t last long.  There is literally nothing like it in the store.  Stop by or Lake Forest location for a personalized introduction to the Face a Face Senso 3 or shop online at blinkoptic.com.  Blink Optical is an authorized dealer of Face a Face and offers free shipping.

Endless Summer ic! Berlin Style

June 23rd, 2017


Endless Summer ic! Berlin style.  ic! Berlin has redefined themselves again with the super-stylish Boris N.  Amazing combinations of matte gold and blue/grey lenses make this new sunglass frame a must have for this season.  ic! Berlin is comprised of stainless steel and is sans screws and solder points.  The ic! Berlin collection is comprehensive and includes stainless steel, zyl, and composite designed with 3-D printing technology.  Blink Optical is an authorized ic! Berlin dealer and offers the collection in our Lake Forest store and on our website boutique.  Stop by and check out our new selection of ic! Berlin.  No mustache required.

Mattel Offers New Ken Doll With Geek-Chic Eyeglasses

June 21st, 2017


Mattel offers a new Ken Doll with geek-chic eyeglasses.  So the toy world has gotten into the fashion game and that means that the new Ken Doll has a new pair of stylish spectacles.  In one regard, it’s nice that the toy industry is promoting fashion eyewear.  From another perspective, the other new Ken Doll has a man-bun.  The use of eyeglasses is now viewed as a fashion accessory but still is a need for millions of adults and kids with vision issues.  Blink Optical offers several pairs of geek-chic, retro-inspired eyeglasses for everyone, except the new Ken Doll.  Check out lines like Robert Marc, Morgenthal Frederics, and Gold & Wood available at Blink Optical.  You don’t have to be an over-priced doll to be in style.

Get Ready For Summer With Caroline Abram Tiffany Sunglasses

June 19th, 2017

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Get ready for Summer with Caroline Abram Tiffany sunglasses.  The hot weather is upon us and new sunglasses are in order.  If you are looking for something unusual with a bit of French fashion flair, may we suggest the latest release from the Caroline Abram collection….the Caroline Abram Tiffany.  The Tiffany is a modified round sunglass with an unexpected color combination.  We are very excited to add the Caroline Abram collection to our already exclusive selection of sunwear. Caroline Abram is French designed and Miami inspired, you just can’t get anymore fashionable than that.  We invite you to stop by our Lake Forest boutique or shop online.  The Caroline Abram Tiffany sunglasses are in stock and available for purchase.