Lunor 246 on the Famous Face of Daniel Craig

May 1st, 2021

Lunor is no stranger to famous faces. The Lunor 246 is currently residing on the famous face of Daniel Craig. The Lunor 246 is a bold yet classic frame that embodies the look of Lunor eyewear. The shape is versatile and can be dressed up for occasions and worn casual.

The Lunor 246 is a retro-inspired Lunor frame made with careful German engineering. Blink Optical has been an authorized Lunor dealer for 15 years, carrying the classic pieces and the contemporary. Shop contactless online or stop by our Lake Forest shop for a personalized introduction.

Macaulay Culkin Is Back

April 13th, 2021

Macaulay Culkin is back! The kid who was the icon of our generation has reemerged as a pop culture phenomenon. He’s recently added a new baby to his family and has everyone reliving their childhoods. He’s also on the baseline of eyewear fashion.

Macaulay Culkin is rarely seen without his iconic “big glasses” so we decided to applaud it. “Big eyeglasses” have become the thing. It used to be big sunglasses but now everything has become big. Obviously prescription eyewear is paramount when deciding to wear frames but fashion should also be at the forefront.

The benefit of “big eyeglasses” is the accessory distraction. Anyone (including Macaulay Culkin) can wear big eyeglasses to distract and impress. Obviously everyone is going to recognize him, but Macaulay has taken the upper hand in forcing you to notice his eyewear first.

Looking to steal this trick! Look no further, Blink Optical has a multitude of Macaulay Culkin “big eyeglass” options. Check out Caroline Abram Carmen for a feminine take and the ic! Berlin Hannes S. for a more unisex take. Stop by our shop in Lake Forest or contact us for more information.

Oprah Trending With Round Eyeglasses

April 9th, 2021

Oprah is trending with round eyeglasses. Of course, she’s trending….she’s Oprah! In her latest high-profile interview, Oprah wore a pair of round, metal frames and the internet collectively lost it’s mind. No stranger to fashionable eyewear, Oprah has pushed frame trends into a crescendo seemingly overnight.

Recently, Oprah sat down with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to discuss their controversial exit. The only thing more viral than their dialogue were the eyeglass frames gracing Ms. Winfrey’s face. Looking to steal this fabulous look? Look no further….Blink has your perfect pair. We currently stock a variety of round frames from eyewear manufacturers like Lunor and Orgreen. Feel free to contact us for more information of shop online at our boutique.

Samuel L. Jackson Wears Gold & Wood Eyeglasses

March 23rd, 2021

Samuel L. Jackson wears Gold & Wood eyeglasses. To be specific, this mega-movie star is wearing the Gold & Wood ZAO 01.43. Samuel L. Jackson has been in many blockbuster films and has become quite the connoisseur of high-end eyewear. Known for wearing frames from designers like Alain Mikli and Starck, Jackson has added yet another optical feather to his cap.

The Gold & Wood ZAO is a round, full-rim frame built with comfort and style in mind. With Gold & Wood technology and design, the ZAO looks like one solid piece with all rims and screws hidden. The Gold & Wood ZAO is light-weight and durable with plenty of fashion sense. Looking the steal the Samuel L. Jackson look? Look no further! Blink Optical has you covered. Check out the Gold & Wood ZAO in our Lake Forest boutique or shop socially distant online or feel free to contact us with questions.

Anne Et Valentin’s Latest Collaboration ~ Pierre Louis Mascia

March 5th, 2021

Introducing Anne et Valentin’s latest collaboration ~ Pierre Louis Mascia. Anne et Valentin has always been recognized as a whimsical and functional frame manufacturer, manipulating design and art interchangeably, and this collection is no exception. The result is a new collection named simply, Paroles.

The collection is reminiscent of the forgotten age of Art Deco and Hollywood Regency. The frames are a combination materials using both metals and acetate to create something truly stunning. Blink Optical is a proud partner of Anne et Valentin and brings these beautiful creations to the Northshore. Stop by Blink Optical in Lake Forest for a personalized introduction or visit our website for additional information.

Big Sean Custom Cartier White Buffalo Horn Sunglasses

February 15th, 2021

There are gifts then there are Cartier gifts. Big Sean received the perfect gift when he unwrapped his customized Cartier white buffalo horn sunglasses. Each pair is already customized as the detailing in the buffalo horn for each pair is unique and cannot be duplicated. Lenses can be detailed with script, tints, and mirrors. Cartier white buffalo horn sunglasses are one of a kind and no two are alike.

Blink Optical is an authorized Cartier dealer and can customizes Cartier lenses to match the lucky person who wears them. The white buffalo horn sunglasses come with gold or silver hardware and are in high demand. Blink Optical has many lens size and shape options for their clientele and will customize lens script upon request. Contact our store for additional information.

H.E.R. Shines Bright at Superbowl

February 8th, 2021

So unless you live under a rock, you tuned into the Super Bowl over the weekend and witnessed all sorts of hot fashion. Our number one pick for individualism was H.E.R. She positively shined though her rendition of America the Beautiful. She paid outstanding tribute to a classic and stylized it in her own, unique way.

Beyond the musical talent, Blink always has to pay homage to fantastic sunwear and H.E.R. did not disappoint. For her dramatic performance, she donned an interesting pair of round, double-bar sunglasses coupled nicely with a mirrored lens. They completed her look beautifully.

Looking for the H.E.R. Super Bowl look? No worries, Blink has you covered. Check out the ic! Berlin Alley-Oop. Available at Blink Optical.

Cold Winter Hot ic! Berlin Sunglasses

February 1st, 2021

Looking for a quick way to warm up this Winter? Say no more! ic! Berlin has just released 2 new sunglasses for this season. Both from the Acetate Collection, the Alpha and the Beam are heating up this never-ending winter. The Alpha has a sleek, sporty look while the Beam reeks of Hollywood fashion. ic! Berlin is known for its innovation and style and neither of these frames disappoints.

ic! Berlin is constructed of stainless steel and premium acetate, making for a comfortable and light-weight fit. Blink Optical is an authorized ic! Berlin dealer and stocks the latest releases. Stop by our Lake Forest boutique or shop online.

Chrome Hearts Instakilo

October 17th, 2020

Introducing the Chrome Hearts Instakilo. Chrome Hearts is renowned for ornamental, cool eyewear and sunwear and the Instakilo does not disappoint. This sunglass has the detailing we’ve come to expect from Chrome Hearts and the color combination is amazing.

Blink Optical is an authorized Chrome Hearts dealer, bringing this exclusive line to the Northshore. Blink is excited to present the 2020 Winter Chrome Hearts collection including the Instakilo. Stop by Blink Optical in downtown Lake Forest for a personalized introduction.

Dan Levy’s Remarkable Eyewear

September 23rd, 2020

Dan Levy’s remarkable eyewear! Dan Levy, best known as David from Shitt’s Creek, has remarkable taste in eyewear. Many words come to mind when describing his eyewear……retro, vintage, unique, bold…to name a few. All of these descriptions encompass the current trends. We can only imagine Dan Levy’s personal collection. Though his character David Rose did not wear eyeglasses during the amazing run of Shitt’s Creek, we can still look to Davis for exceptional frames.

Looking to steal this Dan Levy look? Look no further! The frames showcased in this photo are reminiscent of eyewear lines like Lunor, Morgenthal Frederics, and Anne et Valentin. Stop by Blink Optical for a personalized introduction to these lines or visit our online shop.